— Spreading Holiday Cheer

Holiday Decoration & Lighting

You can count on our team at TLC Landscape Management to set up a stunning display for the holiday season. We will make sure that your home or office building will be adorned with all the holiday pageantry you could possibly imagine.

If you saw the movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you probably remember that Clark Grizwald is the original neighbor of lighting up the city at Christmas time. But we know what it can be like to have to contend with broken light bulbs and untangling hundreds of feet of wire.

Let TLC design, install and store all your Christmas lights and holiday decorations.  We use commercial-grade LED lights with solar timers to minimize expensive electricity bills.

Our services include a free consultation, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage until the next holiday season.  You can count on our team of creative professionals to produce a dazzling lighting display for the holidays, making this special time of the year unforgettable.

We will take care of your holiday décor and lighting project from start to finish so you can enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.  At TLC, we are capable of turning your vision for a festive holiday display into a reality that you will love.